7 Of The Most Mundane Games: 112 Operator, Papers Please, House Flippers, Euro Truck Simulator, Tech Support & More

What do many of the worlds kids and young adults choose to do when they are a bored? Play games of course. For most of us we prefer jumping into action packed virtual world of violence, speed, sports and war to help us escape from everyday life, but not everyone likes fictional battles. Some of us however prefer mundane realism to kill time and escape the chaos of the real world, so long as it’s different from our own realities. Take Sims for example which has become one of the best selling game franchises of all time, the player gets free roam to build a family, homes and a career. Players spend hours on end designing grand houses, building up their careers and plotting elaborate fates for our characters.

People play The Sims for the chance to create their own world, and they can make their Sims lead lives that they might not have the courage, risk or wealth to do so themselves. Ultimately in games like this, things never get too stressful and if they do, unlike in real life, you can always simple press restart. Other popular games in this category let us take a look into what it would be like to have exciting jobs we might want to do in real life but can’t, such as the chance to be a pilot in flight simulator or command a winning squad in a soccer football manager.

Growing up, many of us have undoubtedly enjoyed games like this which could be considered as boring, however every year new games in this category pop up which let us jump into other roles that many of us wouldn’t want to do. Among them are some tough and boring jobs such as renovating a house, working an emergency hotline, driving an 18 wheeler, checking passports or directing traffic. So without further delay, here are some of the most mundane games we’ve come across.

Euro Truck Driver Simulator

Have you ever dreamed of being a truck driver? Probably not, but we’re going to tell you about this one which has been credited by a couple of it’s fans for helping them to actually jump behind the wheel of a truck. Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a second edition and it is the most popular truck driving simulator available. In this game you can experience the life of a truck driver with all it’s glory and help deliver imported food, cosmetics and clothes and get to know their duties and responsibilities.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Once you’ve passed a few goals including make your first delivery, first trip abroad, first ADR certification, first valuable and time pressured cargo then you can choose your own truck, selecting from the likes of MAN, Scania, DAF, Iveco, Renault Trucks, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz. Customise your ride including the appearance of cabin, interior, chassis, engine, sideskirts, mirrors, tires, rims or even door handles and door steps. You can visit 60 cities located in Belgium, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, the UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. More interestingly after buying your first car, you can also become the boss and run your very own trucking business.

112 Operator

This game takes on crime and emergency scenario’s but strips any of their action and excitement, limiting yourself to map and chat window from a desk. As an emergency call center operator you get to receive emergency calls and direct the emergency services where needed. The operator’s voice, was an actual emergency services dispatcher in Canada, in the game you can choose which vehicles attend an incident, leave call comments, and share helpful lifesaving advice.

Each call requires specific requirements to solve the calls, be sure to keep your performance up to prevent a bad duty report at the end of your shift. Follow the commands of your supervisors and observe how your actions affect people you’re in charge of, or those who ask for your help. Sometimes your mistakes will be followed only by a reprimanding e-mail, yet sometimes they’ll have impact on your personal life. You can also play special scenarios in any city in the world, or make your own rules in the Free Game mode.

It’s the sequel to 911 Operator and they raised over $50,000 to bring it to life with a kick-starter project and it’s due for release in April 2020, so for now you can play the original. Take a look at “Lets Game It Outs” real life game play below to see the exhilarating experience.

Tech Support: Error Unknown

In this “adventure game” which boasts it’s simulation and puzzle mechanics, you jump in the hot seat of virtual computer as a rookie tech support, you’re equipped with a wide array of advanced computer software to solve customer issues or you can choose to manipulate programs for nefarious reasons. In order to unlock its full potential you can you can hack your system to among other things GPS track lost phones, scan profiles to blackmail customers, or simply propose they restart their computer.

The role also has a subplot where you uncover a conflict between your corporate employer and an anonymous rogue hacktivist group, that is trying to take them down. You can choose to climb the corporate ladder, secretly join the hacktivists, or if you choose help the police expose them. However for more fun you might want to pursue a more personal agenda?

Papers, Please

In what appears a fictional Russia known as Communist state of Arstotzka, your name is pulled in the October labor lottery and you must report to the The Ministry of Admission at Grestin Border Checkpoint. The country has just ended a 6-year war with neighboring Kolechia and reclaimed its rightful half of the border town, Grestin. As an immigration officer you are tasked to control the influx of people entering, among the throngs of immigrants and visitors looking for work you must find the hidden smugglers, spies, and terrorists. Using only the documents provided by travelers and the Ministry of Admission’s primitive inspect, search, and fingerprint systems you must decide who can enter and who will be turned away or arrested.

House Flippers

Want to renovate your house, maybe play a little House Flipper first. This builder-developer simulator was created by the Polish studio, Empyeran and allows players to become a one-man renovating crew to buy old and devastated apartments and fully renovate them to try and build a real-estate empire. House Flipper for PC, released in 2018 was warmly welcomed by most of the players and went on to become a bestseller on Steam. When you first start you are only able to do odd jobs, from cleaning floors and windows to installing pipes, buying furniture and appliances or needing complete demolition. As you grow, you take the role of the investor and aim to sell the apartment for a big profit. In order to get the best value you should design each location in accordance with personal preferences and sense of style and as you grow, you can put money toward the next investments and buying better tools to help you finish the next jobs faster.

Streamer Daily

Ever wondered what it would be like to become a famous YouTuber, well this game gives you a turn at becoming one. As a player you have to keep yourself alive while balancing your daily tasks, keep your hunger, fatigue and happiness high, earn money from work and be a good streamer. In the game you gain experience for every minute you broadcast and can spend these experiences to improve your options. You can take part in a variety of story-based missions or test yourself to fulfill sponsors’ tasks. Within Streamer Daily you can also find 75 very budget mini games from more than a a dozen different genres. However in order to play better and grow your followers, you need to upgrade your computer. You can buy hundreds of PC parts either online or in the store. With a quality computer, you can improve your broadcasts and increase your audience, followers, subscribers and donations.

In addition you can grow your opportunity by moving up your living space from dark basements to Hollywood style mansions. You can also buy clothes, cars which you can’t use and pimp your new pad with hundreds of different furniture options from the rip-off IKEA known as AKEI. The game also takes not of little things like your choice of broadcasting view by considering the illumination of your home according to what time of day you are.

I Am Bread

So this one takes a more unusual route. IN case you had ever wondered what it would be like to be a roaming slice of bread wrecking havoc in a kitchen. Each level the players goal is to turn the bread into toast. Before becoming toast it needs to avoid coming into contact with certain objects such as the floor, water, or ants, otherwise it will get disgusting and the “edibility” meter will go down. In order to control the bread, the player can use either the arrow keys or an analog stick. 

The different levels are based on the seven days of the week and since it’s initial release several expansions have added various features, including being baguette with the goal of destroying any fragile object in the room, or a bagel that zooms around the room, or as a single bread cracker that searches for slices of cheese to stick to it while trying to avoid disintegration. There are also a few bonus hacks where the player plays either in zero gravity or can be a highly regarded “bread fighter” facing fighters and ships made of bakery goods known as Starch Wars,m meanwhile another bonus level has a slice of bread requires you to find and complete an unfinished sandwich in the refrigerator inside a room.




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