18 Tips For Okeechobee Music + Arts Festival 2023

Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival is returning to Sunshine Grove for its 6th anniversary! The event is taking place on March 2-5, with 4 days of live music and interactive activities to make for a wonderful experience! Festival goers are coming from all over the country to get lost in the jungle of Okeechobee Florida! You don’t want to miss out and if you’re one of the festival goers attending, here are some tips about what to expect at Okeechobee!

1. Be prepared for cell phone reception to be spacey, AT&T has been found to have the best reception.

2. Get there early as possible on the day of arrival to avoid walking very far distances to the campsite (this is a huge festival).

3. Make sure to bring cushion inserts for your shoes to avoid sore feet by the end of the festival.

4. If you’re travelling to the festival with a group of multiple cars, get a car marker to mark your group with the same decal to avoid losing your friends in the line going into the campgrounds.

5. Make sure to bring fans and something to sit on during the day! It’s very hot during the day and you want to be prepared for the heat!

6. It gets pretty cold in the nighttime, so be prepared to change from a daytime outfit to a nighttime one before sundown!

7. The main stages have wristband scanners at them so be prepared to briefly wait in lines to get into the main stage areas.

8. They’re some fantastic food vendors there, so I would recommend indulging! Some may say the food is a little on the pricy side but nothing outside the norm of regular festival prices.

9. Bring spending money because the clothing vendors there are so unique and creative! The festival does a great job of bringing in so much love and creativity.

10. Make sure you go with a group of people who look out for you and want to have fun in the same way as you.

11. Be respectful to the people in the crowd, say excuse me and thank you and just remember to continue spreading positivity and good vibes!

12. Expect to see many art installations and cool places to sit down and relax. The Teapot lounge is always a great place to enjoy with your friends for some shade!

13. Be prepared for the speakers to be high quality and the sound to be appropriately loud, I highly recommend bringing earplugs always!

14. Okee loves to surprise their festival goers by incorporating secret sets around the festival so make sure to download their app and turn on your notifications!

15. Be prepared to be up late because the late night Incendia stage is always raging with great music to dance and party to!

16. Make sure you come prepared with a well-thought-out camping list. If you need help, here’s one we’ve created for you!

17. Make sure to follow Okeechobee on all socials to stay in the know!

18. Have a great time and make unforgettable memories in one of the most magical festivals ever!!

Catie Gilbride
Catie Gilbride
HI there (: thanks for taking a sec to get to know me! I am an avid festival goer and I love all things music! I have a degree in Advertising & Public Relations and I love writing about everything within the music scene! I have a wide range of music taste and appreciate all genres of music! This is why you found me here, combing my love for music and writing (: Have a great day!
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