Rising Artist Rich Delinquent Drops Passionate Single ‘1800ifuckedup’ Featuring Bobby Raps

Hailing from Australia, Rich Delinquent is on a mission to shape the future of music with his infectious voice and production expertise. This innovative singer-songwriter has forged his own unique genre by merging elements of emo-pop with electronic music. After making an emphatic debut in 2019, Rich Delinquent captivated listeners via originals like “Death Drive”, “Cocaine Late Nights”, and “Forget About Me”. The tracks spread like wildfire, accumulating more than 800k collective streams on Spotify.

Continuing his success in 2021, Rich Delinquent dropped his debut album Sadboi. The album was a masterpiece that conveyed this gifted artist’s struggles with depression and anxiety. Fueled by his powerful emotions, Rich Delinquent put his heart and soul into the album’s lyricism, shedding light on difficult relationships, addiction, and following his passion. Sadboi gained a massive amount of support from Rich Delinquent’s fanbase and expanded the influence of his project.

Now, following up on his hit track “Hallucinating”, Rich Delinquent returns to release “1800ifuckedup” with renowned songwriter and artist Bobby Raps. Having worked with The Weeknd, Post Malone, Gunna, Kid Laroi, and other top-tier artists, Bobby Raps is a veteran in the music industry. Utilizing cyberpunk-themed sound progressions and a mesmerizing hip-hop beat, “1800ifuckedup” takes its audience through the creative mind of Rich Delinquent.

Discussing the central idea behind the track, Rich Delinquent explains that it’s, “about being lost in a city of vices and trying to reach out to the one person who can pull you out of the darkness.” Through the emotion-fueled lyrics and hypnotic synths, “1800ifuckedup” puts Rich Delinquent’s talent on display, foreshadowing his bright future as an artist.




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