Black Book of Music Contacts

When you’re in music you talk, collaborate and discuss with so many different people and it can be difficult to keep track and manage your time, contacts tasks and messages. Here’s a few suggestion to help you tidy up your networking book.

Why you should have a Black Book.
They say you havnt been in music long enough until you meet the same person in three different positions. That’s actually not that hard as people change jobs in music faster than most industries….keeping your contacts together in one centralised place helps to build a resource of all the people you know and have met over the years. Wether they’re an intern or a ceo, it’s worth storing every contact as that intern may well be a ceo one day.

Check & download this EXCEL SHEET template which has all the columns you’ll need to save Publishers, Managers, Artists, Booking Agents, Publicists, Writers, Designers, Mixing & Mastering Engineers and anything else you might need or want. If you’d like to customise the drop down menu options Highlight the cells you want the dropdown to apply to too and Select Data > Data Validation and enter the values you want. 




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