How To Verify Your Spotify Artist Profile


EDIT: Before your read the below, if you’d prefer to watch from Spotify of there own instructions hit below! 


Step 1: Sign Up

Head to and click “Claim Profile”! Then find yourself or your artist verify it’s you through logging in on to their Instagram & Twitter as well as dropping links to anything that might connect you to the your artist profile. You should also Download the App on iTunes and Bookmark the site so you can easily access it.

Step 2: Invite Your Team

Now that you have access you are going to want to make sure your core team also has access, this could include your Management, Bandmates, Agents. First make sure you all have a Spotify Acocunt and know the emails each user signed up with. Now, using the Artist profile you click the arrow and should see “Manage Team” under your name. Click and you can choose “Full“, “Edit” and “View-Only”  

Step 3: Add Your Branding to You Profile

Once you have been approved, login to your Spotify Artist via Once you are click “Your Name > Dashboard) and choose your artist (You can manage multiple artist with the same account). Now click on the menu bar at the bottom for “Profile”. There you should edit and add:

  • Artists Pick
  • Header Image
  • Avatar Image
  • Associated Images
  • Biography 
  • Links To Social Media Profile

Step 4: Create A Playlist

Once you have everything set up you should also create a playlist that you want to feature on your profile. To do this you need to login to Spotify using your User account on the app how you normally would. Create the playlist, choose your artwork and click copy URL. Head back to your artist dashboard and click Profile again only this time scroll all the way to the bottom of the page till you see Artist Playlists. Click + and paste the link of the playlist you created, you should now see this playlist appear on your public artist profile at the bottom of the page under the releases. 

Step 5: Add Your Tour Dates To Songkick

Spotify Sources Tour Information from various sources to enable your fans to find out about your shows and catch you live when they are in your city. The easiest way is to make sure your latest tour dates added to your profile is to keep your songkick up to date. 

Step 6: Share Your Profile

Now that your profile is all set up and you have your own playlist you now need to make sure that your fans can easily find your Spotify where they find you (Your Website, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Etc). The easiest way to do this and track it is to create a smart link such as Linkfire or Toneden that has all your socials in one and add this to your bio, it’s easily shareable and all in one place.

You only get one chance to link your fans on Instagram but people use multiple sources so it’s best to let them decide where to find you and your music.  Depending on the site you use you can add as many services and sites as you like. The second way is to embed a “Follow” widget on your website, these can be created simply under the Tools panel. 

Step 7: Understand your data

Now that you have access to the Spotify Artist Dashboard you can start to understand how, who and where your music is being streamed. You can find out which cities might be good to tour, which playlists are supporting your music and find out real time play stats of your music. Other metrics you can see are Playlist Additions, Stream Sources, Gender, Other Artists They Listen To and many more.  




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