2018’S Best In-Ear Wireless Headphones

Tired of being stuck without music when you forget your headphone adapter or want to free yourselves from endlessly untying cables? Here’s a collection of the best wireless in-ear headphones/earbuds on the market right now. One thing that Apple has to its advantage over most of its competitors is a consistent connection, whereas almost all others receive dropouts and Bluetooth synch issues frequently.


A great battery life, fast charging and connection without hassle make them a convenient option for any apple user. The design is probably the biggest negative which often stands out more than the average user would like. 

Additional Features: Fast Charging, Find My iPhone to locate lost headphones
Price: $159.00
Battery Life: 5 Hours listening time per a charge (24 Hours with case)

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Bose’s ear bud offering  have powerful audio quality and a sleek modern design, but many users report frequent connectivity issues which can be extremely frustrating when you just want hassle free listening.  

Additional Features: App For Locating Lost headphones
Price: $199.00 (Usually $250.00)
Battery Life: 5 Hours listening time per a charge (10 hours with case)

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These earbuds look great and fit even better, delivering a great sound and include an app to customize sound and it’s transparent mode. However connection issues hold them back and they have a far shorter battery time than competitors.

Additional Features: Transparency Mode for uninterrupted listening
Price: $299.00
Battery Life: 4 Hours listening time per a charge (8 hours with case)

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These earbuds are ideal for exercising and those who’ll push the limits of the grip of their headphones. Jay Bird’s deliver a great sound and  an app to customise sound to your preference. While they’ve been known to encounter connection issues but these are now few and far between. 

Additional Features: Sweat Proof, Water Resistant, Fast Charging
Price: $179.00
Battery Life: 4 Hours listening time per a charge (12 hours with case)

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Being the first to tackle noise cancelling in a wireless ear buds, Sony have managed to cut out some noise but overall they fall short on expectations as the small in-ear headphones make a minimal impact compared to what we’ve grown used to with true over ear noise cancelling headphones. 

Additional Features: Noise Cancelling
Price: $198.00
Battery Life: 3 Hours listening time per a charge (9 hours with case)

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