Ruhde Shares New Remix Of Sandro Cavazza’s “Used To”

Swedish pop phenom Sandro Cavazza dropped the heart-wrenching ballad “Used To” in November with fellow up-and-comer Lou Elliotte, quickly garnering millions of streams online and charting on Sweden’s Hot 100. Now, Italian producer Ruhde is giving us his own take on this emotional banger.

Where the original maintained a raw and real feeling with booming drums and acoustic guitar instrumentation, Ruhde’s remix maintains the emotive vibes of the original and utilizes a gorgeous vocal chopped sample from Elliotte in the drop. The track never tries to be bigger or do more than it needs, simply flowing along with a chilled-out vibe that keeps all the best parts of the original version and reimagining the story.

Ruhde, aka David Russo, has been garnering a flurry of attention for his brilliant remixes, garnering millions of plays on Spotify alone and being supported by the likes of Run The Trap and Chill Nation.

Expect more remixes and a few originals on the way, and stream Ruhde’s “Used To” remix below:

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