2019 Sees 'The Beamish Boys' Become 'The Beamish Brothers'

Beamish Boys - Promos-54.jpg

The Australian duo formally known as “The Beamish Boys” have rebranded to “The Beamish Brothers” and with the name change comes a new maturation in sound, along with a departure from the electronic dance world. 

 In an exclusive with CULTR, the duo reveal that they have been refining their musical style over the last several months and that the new “Beamish Brothers” are this year choosing to rely less heavily on the electronic production central to their old alias.

Rising out of their garage in Toowoomba, the two siblings have quickly made a name for themselves as a major industry force, amassing well over 4 million Spotify streams in 2018 alone and winning the prestigious “Young Musician Award” at the National Folk Festival, as well as signing their music with affiliate labels of SONY, Universal and Warner Music Group.

With a new single released in collaboration with Italian artist Mark Mendy set for February 15th, the guys tell us that a tour is also in the works, although it has yet to be officially announced.  

We can expect big things in the future from the up and coming duo, as The Beamish Brothers newfound identity will bring a year packed with purpose-filled songs and exciting new projects, all quickly approaching!