401 WST Combine House and Hip Hop With New “Our House” EP

If you’re looking for your new favorite house bops, meet 401 WST. Comprised of versatile producer Ashton Adams and respected DJ/artist 4Korners, 401 WST’s debut EP “Our House” expertly combines house music with hip hop swag for an energetic and ultra-modern sound.

Released on Adams own Kyngdom Records, the three-track showing kicks off with “Alive” featuring rapper Dom Vallie. Vallie flows effortlessly over the deep house beat. The track is a certified club banger packed with personality. “Real Quick” is perhaps the most hip hop influenced of the bunch, featuring rap crew 100M’s and a banging upbeat drop. The most danceable of the bunch comes last but not least with single “Do the Damn Thing”. An infectious deep house drop sounds fit for cutting shapes and shuffling.

For a first outing, “Our House” is a well-crafted piece of work. The expert combo of house and hip hop make this a refreshing listen in an oft-oversaturated EDM landscape. We’ll be keeping an eye out for what these two have planned next.




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