58,000+ Fans Turn Out To Honour Avicii at Tribute Concert

In loving memory of Avicii, friends and family got together to celebrate his life today in Stockholm for an official tribute concert. It was a roller coaster of happiness and sadness, which resulted in an incredible concert for not only the fans on location but the ones watching from around the world.

Over 55,000 fans came out to experience not only a wonderful and emotional performance of Avicii tracks, but also acts such as Laidback Luke, Kygo, David Guetta and Nicky Romero. The attendance broke the record for the highest number in the Friends Arena in Stockholm.

Below, you can re-live three hours of highly emotional tributes to the late Swedish producer, with many of his collaborators joining the 30 piece band. The band went through Avicii’s extensive discography and performed some of the best. It was understandably an emotional experience for the performers and the crowd, you can see the extent of that throughout the livestream.

Of the DJ’s, David Guetta performed last and played a special track for both the first and last time. Before Tim’s death, himself and David Guetta, Afrojack and Giorgio (likely David Guetta’s long term producing partner Giorgio Tuinfort) started a record. It was just a beat, but the week of Avicii’s death, David Guetta wanted to write a tribute for him, using the original work in progress they had.

“This is a record I’ve never played before. I felt this was the right time.” “This is the very first time I’ve played it, and will probably be the last.”

As David explained, the unfinished production is likely to be shelved at this point and not see the light of day. In this circumstance it was a touching tribute but it is not close to being legitimately released. However, you can listen to a low quality rip of the track from the concert here.

Over 18 months have passed since Avicii’s heartbreaking death and he still lives on. His presence will continue to be felt throughout music and never die.

1989 – Forever




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