A New Project Takes Shape: Exclusive Interview with Godford

Stripping away an identity with an established presence and known artistic ideation takes courage. We’ve seen degrees of it from acts like Calvin Harris and his Love Regenerator moniker, Diplo and his many different projects, and — of course — Dotcom and the Marshmello brand. For most, the creation of a new moniker or project name allows them to create sounds outside their normal box, while retaining the goodwill from their established act. The high road is one that many would forgo. That road is releasing a project without revealing who you are or what you’ve done in the past and standing by the new. That bravery comes from the belief in your art and the unrelenting creative spirit that originally brought success to their art. It’s true artistry to start again. That is what Godford is and what he is set to accomplish with his project, Non Binary Place.

His identity remains a mystery, but what I can reveal is that he has toured the globe and brought warmth and uplifting spirits to many. The Godford identity removes that and refocuses his ideas and art on something devoid of preconceived notions that would prevent an honest connection to form. His most recent release, “Saw You”, is a shining beacon of brilliant dance music. The connective tissue is deep and textured with illumious, electric-like emotional sounds that beam straight to your soul, something that we always need in today’s world. Without, the reformation of his sound under Godford, we may have never been blessed with such a fresh and soulful sound.

With the release of “Saw You” and the upcoming release of his album, Non Binary Place, on the horizon, we felt it necessary to dig into his mind and artistry. Here is our exclusive interview with Godford:

What do you want Godford to be known for?

For my music of course, if I’m able to give some emotion to people that would be very fulfilling.

It’s stated that your upcoming music is about a reflection of your mood. How has the focus on your mood and feelings changed your creative & writing process?

When I started to work on this album I was trying to manage my emotions and deal with them. All these attempts are reflecting in my music. I wanted to express feelings that I was struggling with at this time: nostalgia, anxiety, outburst.

With your focus on feeling and mood, what are your inspirations and has this changed from the past when you focused on fun, warm, and uplifting sounds?

I really let my deep self speak through this album. I did all the track without any pressure and I think that was the key to really appreciate the process of making the album.

What are you seeking to tell listeners and fans with your music?

I hope and wish that my songs can be a time marker of someone’s life: a romantic encounter, the memory of an era, an invitation to travel, a memorable moment …

How would you describe your sound?

I would say that my music is in the middle of that bridge between innocent romantic and rave. If I had to put a name of my style I would call it “indie rave”

What can you share about your upcoming album, Non Binary Place?

It’s a music travel with a lot of different sounds and feelings that made a whole unique project. It really reflects who I am as a music artist and what I want to share through music.

Where did the name Non Binary Place come from?

When I’m making music I’m like in my own creative land, and as I consider my music in the middle of that bridge (between romantic and rave) and as I don’t want to choose between those two feelings , I call this creative land a “Non Binary Place”.

“Saw You” explores the duality of romance and innocence set against an underground rave backdrop. Was that idea what began the writing process and/or how did the creative process evolve to reflect this theme?

Honestly that’s really who I am, how I feel, so it was really natural and smooth to make this track and the album. I didn’t have to think of the process of creation, I just created.

If there was one place, besides live, that you would want people to listen to “Saw You”, where would it be?

Anywhere as long as it takes you somewhere else in your mind.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Hope you’ll enjoy this song and hope you’ll find songs in my album that bring you some special and memorable feelings.

The exciting, new project under the Godford moniker, reveals a truly great artist with the strength and courage to standby his art, despite posing an identity with an incredible amount of goodwill and fandom. What is revealed is an incredible new sound that is breathing freshness into dance music. If the album is anything like “Saw You, we are in for an incredible album that will shape and influence dance sounds for years.

To stream “Saw You”, continue down or follow the link here to choose your DSP of choice. You can pre-save the album out on September 18th by following the link here and be sure to check CULTR for any updates.