Funk D & Waldo Unite On Hypnotic ‘A Night In Tulum’

Funk D has some seriously impactful stories to tell. Having been an active DJ under this alias for roughly a decade, he has earned his keep full-on and has worked tirelessly to attain the level of status he is at today. “A Night In Tulum,” essentially pulls together some musical highlights we’ve heard dabbles of from past releases, a fitting track that falls properly into the world of Funk D. Tapping Waldo to be an enricher to the creative aura, “A Night In Tulum,” the two have outdone themselves on this one. The single generates some mesmerizing feelings within, all through the means of a instrumental pallet. The percussion and synth feels as if they are one complete unit. The production work stirs up feelings deep in the soul and brings them out to play. Grabbing all your attention bandwidth as the mood moves forth, the ending makes you miss what you just heard and gives the track that much more significance.

Boasting over 15 million plays and having toured internationally, Funk D becomes more and more of a recognized face where he goes as his sound and creative ideas he puts into play around his brand improve the totality of the experience year to year. Helping make a break in the music business through a large push of bootlegs/remixes early on in his career, the solo electronic artist has boasted a keen sense of not just detecting current trends, but how to attach himself to them in a progressively fitting manner.

Over the years, names like, David Guetta, Martin Garrix, and many others have took notice of him and played out his jams. His music has been signed by Ultra Records, Armada, adn now more recently XDM Records in Mexico as the case with “A Night In Tulum.” Funk D’s intuition for what the right move is, given the evolving music climate, keeps him relevant and fresh.




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