A.O.T Team Up With Jerms For House Banger “Blockers”

Salt Lake City-based production and DJ duo A.O.T is back with yet another energetic single, “Blockers” along with Jerms. Over the past years, the duo have been showcasing their production skills and unique ideas, providing the world with groovy rhythms and vibes catered to the dance-floor. 

“Blockers”, which follows A.O.T’s 2020 releases “Long Time” with Makisi and solo production “Pushin’ Back”, is a tasteful bridge between bass and g-house. Out on South Africa-based imprint UFO Recordz, “Blockers” is yet another showcase of A.O.T’s talent and ability to consistently provide the world with bangers. Weird effects and distant vocals are immediately present in the single, transferring the listener into a dark, psychedelic world before a trap section breaks up the energy and creates anticipation for the drop. As the climax is reached, listeners are met with a minimal drop, which is filled with a hard yet catchy bassline and groovy drum patterns.  





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