A-Trak & Friend Within Rounds Out 2-Track Set with “Blaze”

Last month A-Trak teamed up with Loods for “What Can I Do” which saw A-Trak channel in his house roots while bringing some of the best tricks from his remixes and hip-hop productions. “Blaze” goes for a more underground vibe compared to its predecessor, relying on lyricless soul samples and a swing beat. The second half brings in a bit more melody with a dissonant piano section before diving right back into the hypnotic, groovy drop.

Often times, when an EDM producer branches out into mainstream genres, they seem to lose the signature sound that brought them fame in the first place. But it’s actually quite interesting to look through A-Trak’s discography and track the evolution of his sound that’s evident in every style he puts his name on. Go and check out what note he’s ending 2019 on by listening to “Blaze” and “What Can I Say” below!





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