ABOUT THAT & EVALINA Refresh ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’

One of the hottest track of the 90’s has been revitalized thanks to the production work of ABOUT THAT and vocal prowess of EVALINA. Using the actual sample for the original, the two talents team up to add house, club-ready edginess to the experience. On the production side, a sophisticated deep house melody comes forth in the drop, while on the vocal end, EVALINA lays down some newly-written verses. Unequivocally, the new edit here does justice to the original, bringing together the best blend of aspects from the original melded with new squeaky clean production elements. From an arrangement perspective, the track flows beautifully. It’s very easy to imagine the track turning heads when the DJ segues over to the jam, which is actually exactly what happened when the new version was first revealed.

Andrew Lloyed Webber revealed it at a block party in NYC a few weeks back, from there world spread rapidly. Dazed Magazine, Mixmag & Radio 1 all picked it up, with viewership hitting over 5 million around it.

This new version of “Who Let The Dogs Out,” is a winner on multiple levels – we have ABOUT THAT and EVALINA to thank for this.




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