Above & Beyond Drop Long-Awaited Club Mix Collection With ‘Out Of Time EP’

It looks like Christmas came early for the Anjunafamily, as Above & Beyond have dropped a three long-awaited tunes from their discography (six, if you count extended mixes), all bundled into one concise EP. All three tracks have been kept hidden in the depths of the trio’s hard drives, resurfacing from time to time in frustratingly short previews at live sets.

The EP starts off with the title track in its club mix. The Out Of Time Club Mix was debuted at ABGT100 – yes, you read that right – in Madison Square Gardens back in 2014. Originally recorded for their album, ‘We Are All We Need’ – yes, you read that right again – Out Of Time only just made the cut, being ‘one of the very last things we finished recording’.

Above & Beyond explain their rationale behind finally sharing this tune, along with two others, with the world, saying “We were, quite literally, running out of time to deliver the album, a sentiment that feels appropriate as we race into the final days of this decade.”

The other two club mixes, one off of their Common Ground album (Is It Love) and another an all-time classic (Alone Tonight) have also been tucked away for many a Christmas, but thankfully, the close of 2019 seemed like the apt time for the trio to finally let them loose into the world.

The 2010s might be coming to a close, but hopefully this ‘Out Of Time EP’ brings some warm, wayward melodies into your bittersweet reminisces of the decade.





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