ACRAZE Manager, Alex Akleh, Helps Secure Deal With Major Capitol Records, Proves The Dream Can Happen To Anyone

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re well aware that “Do It To It,” as been once of dance music’s biggest hits in years. A reasonable comparing would be to say it’s the “Old Town Road,” of electronic music, in terms of notoriety, streams, downloads, the whole shebang.

Manager since the beginning, Alex Akleh has hustled for years to create the best situations possible for the artists he’s involved with. His hard work has payed off in a way that couldn’t of ever been foreseen, an artist of his having a #1 smash hits in too many territories to count and soon working with the like of Tiesto a few short weeks later.

He started from a love of electronic music and desire to make a name for himself in the Orlando area. He founded an events company Injoy Events which help him a position of usefulness when it came to being a music industry guy who could prove he knew what he was doing and could help out other when the duty called for it. There were failures along the way, plenty of learning experience, folks who wouldn’t give him the time of day. Yet, he stuck to his events company, his management projects, and keeping a humble attituded through and through. His actions served him well. Once “Do It To It,” was fashioned and began to played out at ACRAZE’s shows, the momentum became electrifying and the surge in success could be felt.

ACRAZE playing Main Stage at Ultra Music Festival Miami in 2022. The event symbolizes how far they’ve come and how much farther they will go, the future looking brighter than ever.

ACRAZE has officially signed a deal with none other than Capitol Records. It’ safe to say the terms were lucrative to say the least, yet the numbers behind it still remain a mystery.

What is in store for Manager Alex Akleh and his roster including Rated R and ACRAZE remains unwritten, yet all signs are pointing toward incredible things in the near and long term.




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