Action Paxton and SunRu Drop Trippy Bass Single Titled ‘KEEP IT PSYCHEDELIC’

The vibes could not be stronger between what multi-talented artists Action Paxton and SunRu have cooked up in, “KEEP IT PSYCHEDELIC.” As the title hints, there’s a spiritual feel that interconnects with the psyche through the sonic intricacies unfolding in this journey. The trifecta of electronic music, live brass, and rap verses are the central elements that give the color and imagination that’s deeply instilled in this one.

Brass horns – brought by Adam Thesis of the Jazz Mafia – are explosive at some moments and smooth at others. The beat leans into an electronic experimental nature that loosens the body and allows a grander impression to be made. SunRu tops things off with boisterous lyrics to hold the listeners attention steady. There’s much happening all at once here, but it all works and displays healthy collaborative energy that leaves a lasting impression.

Above all, Action Paxton and SunRu’s extensive and global-reaching tour history is probably the greatest aspect they have in common. They’ve both played many, many events in which they’ve been invited to showcase what they are all about. Action Paxton brought joy on stages as far as South Africa and Nigeria, while SunRu too has visited SE Asia, Europe, and Africa to perform to the masses.

More specifically, playing Burning Man from 2008-2019, Oregon Eclipse Festival, Ashland Shakespeare Festival, Plunge Festival (California), Cali Roots Festival, SOFA Fest, Outsidelands, only begins to unravel the experiences Action Paxton has had in lifetime. For SunRu, Earth Dance Festival, Harmony Festival, BPM Festival (Mexico),  Lightning In A Bottle, Reggae On The River, Gaia Festival, What The Festival (Lithuania), and Festival Gnawa (Morocco) are just a few of places he’s bestowed his talents. The two are extremely well-traveled, diversely talented, and know what is takes to make a track pop off, as heard in “KEEP IT PSYCHEDELIC.”

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