Adam Hinden Releases 5-Track, Dreamy Lo-Fi EP

DC Washington’s own up-and-coming producer and artist Adam Hinden has burst into the electronic-chill scene with his mesmerising debut EP “Sleep In,” an intoxicating listening experience. 

The EP is filled with a rich assemblage of imaginative sound design and ever-evolving ambient pads, occasionally interspersed with a rich, thudding kick drum and Feeld’s dreamy vocals which permeate the mix in the EP’s third track, “Neck Down.” Subsequently, listeners are taken on a meditative, sonic journey and are pulled deeper into the world of Lo-fi experimentalism.

The more you listen, the more you become immersed in the work’s ethereal texture and Adam’s chill production. Destined to make your favourite chill-out playlists, we hope you will enjoy this EP as much as we did.




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