Adam Snow Connects With Freddie Gibbs On “9 to 5” Ahead Of Debut Album

Adam Snow is an American record producer and electronic artist from Washington, D.C. An in-demand producer and solo artist now returns from a hiatus with a new single and video “9 to 5.” Featuring Freddie Gibbs and Tedy Andres, the three creatives let loose on a lyrical massacre. To nobody’s surprise, the combination of Gibbs’ lyrical prowess with the talent of Snow, the two present forth an exceptional lead single leading up to the producer’s upcoming debut album “As Luck Would Have It.”

The track (and project as a whole) is really about shooting your shot; fiercely, and without apology. I dropped a few songs that did well before this… like a million views or whatever but I wanted more,”

Eventually, it got to a point where it’s like OK you either drop the most groundbreaking legendary fantastic album you can make, or you pack it up and do something else.”

– Adam Snow





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