Afrojack Returns To Kapuchon Alias ’10 Years Later’

As the track titled implies, Afrojack has returned to his house alias Kapuchon ’10 Years Later’. After announcing he would return to the alias back in February, we now have the track called ’10 Years Later’. The name Kapuchon refers to “hood/hoodie” in Dutch.

Afrojack departs from his main room sound and his more commercial sound under the Afrojack name to take a stab at house music and after hearing ’10 Years Later’, we are already excited for the future of Kapuchon. Alongside his return to the artist project, Kapunchon Records will also launch, which ’10 Years Later’ is released on. At this point it is unknown whether we will see non Kapunchon music released on the label.

‘10 Years Later’ is a pulsating tech bomb, combining a driving bassline, captivating horns and the most euphoric of drops. The house and techno alias of Nick van de Wall, Kapuchon previously released two EPs with Rotterdam DJ and producer Benny Rodrigues in 2009 before shifting focus to his Afrojack project.

To celebrate the launch of his label and the release of his new track, Kapuchon will be hosting a livestream at 8PM CET on Friday, November 13th.





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