LUNA MAY Delivers An Important Message on 'Aftermath'

Meet LUNA MAY. a rising Australian Artist and Songwriter, she's picked up the support of imprints such as Future Classic, Dim Mak and TMRW Music. Her incredible vocals talents and poetic songwriting abilities have led her to be in demand for features, now she continues to define her own sound with her powerful second single "Aftermath".

LUNA MAY. launched with "Silly Boys", and was featured by Future Classic as one of their "Recommends". She has since picked up almost a quarter of a million streams on Spotify and returns with "Aftermath", a song that confronts the struggle of depression and mental health with a deeper meaning, through it she not only serves up an awe inspiring performance built on expertly crafted production but she also delivers an important and powerful message.

Bonus, listen back to her previous single “Silly Boys”