This Airline Made Passengers Sit On Floor Without Seats


A family in the UK were forced to sit on the floor on a TUI flight home from Menorca to Birmingham. The family discovered there was no row 41 once they boarded the plane, and upon informing the crew of the stuff up they were offered to have the child to sit in the only spare seat alone and the parents in the crew seats for take off. However once in the air they had to move to the floor so the crew could access the food and duty free carts and their daughter didn’t want to sit alone between two strangers.


Shockingly, the co-pilot knew about it and spoke to them during the flight to thank them for being so calm because they would have “missed their take-off slot otherwise”. At this point it’s clear everyone knew they had F*&cked up big, however when the family made a complaint to the airline she says despite telling them the seats were "physically missing", she was told that they had no evidence of the incident and only offered a "good will gesture" of £30.

Given how strict most airlines are with seatbelts and take off procedure, turning off devices (I once almost got kicked off a flight for wearing noise canceling headphones that were off). It’s scary to think what may have happened if there was any turbulence throughout their journey. Not to mention the degrading feeling that it while other passengers walked passed as you sat on the ground.

It was only when the incident was reported to Rip Off Britain: Holiday, a show on TV Show on BBC that the airline refunded their full tickets and made an apology.