Airmow’s ‘RUPTURE’ EP A Dynamic Exploration Of Modern Popular Genres

RUPTURE EP represents more than a simple handful of tracks packaged together, but a thriving selection of quality singles crafted to work cohesively together. Featuring collaborations including Silent Child, Trive, Leo, Frizy The Streetz, and blurblur, Airwow brings sonic uniformity to the thriving EP thanks to a network of relevant and talented musicians. All but one having a collaborator featured, with the exception of, “Like This.” Yet, all 6 tracks play off one another and collectively lean into an indie/folk/pop/dance fold – with a few exceptions – that breeds a platform of demonstratable originality.

From the ripe age of 16, Antonin Lemiere, also known as, Airmow has had electronic music calling his name. At this age, production and focus on an artist career became more of a main focus. Jumping forward to today’s time, recognition from outlets like Trap Nation and MrSuicideSheep, as well as, music signings to established indie labels, has become more of the norm.

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