AJ Salvatore Drops Explosive ‘Lyke Werk’

AJ Salvatore continues his streak of intoxicating releases with his latest single ‘Lyke Werk’ – a refined rampage. Beginning with hard-hitting breakbeats, old school UK-style vocal samples and Drum N Bass buildups that lead into an Industrial and EDM-infused cacophony, AJ Salvatore draws from a unique variety of influences. 

‘Lyke Werk’ brings controlled chaos under the critical eye of AJ Salvatore, who takes the role of mad scientist in his experimentation of sound and style. Moving with constant momentum and no breaks, there’s few chances for the listener to catch their breath, as they’re constantly working to the rhythm of ‘Lyke Werk’ – a fitting title that will have club goers up all night.

Stream ‘Lyke Werk’ Below:

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