AJ Salvatore Returns With Catchy Single “Breathe”

AJ Salvatore, an Orlando-based producer with New York roots, has released “Breathe”, the radio friendly follow up single to “Coming Back to Life”.  Similar to the latter single, released earlier this year, Breathe has a heavy 80’s influence.  Salvatore masterfully blends old with new, to create something radio-friendly yet unique. Retro synths and gated snares dominate the 80’s-like musical landscape of “Breathe”, supporting Kristina Maria’s powerful vocal performance. Salvatore and Maria work together to create a positive, memorable creation.

“This track was all about capturing a feel-good, light-hearted atmosphere that would be an easy sing along and working with Kristina to create that couldn’t have been easier.”
-AJ Salvatore

Before releasing “Breathe”, AJ Salvatore had already established himself as an industry force. At the young age of 22, he’s already signed with Sony and Universal, been featured on publications like EDM.com, and opened for superstar DJs like Carnage and Shaun Frank.  Truly, there’s no stopping AJ Salvatore. His latest release, “Breathe” is the kind of feel-good pop that dominates the spring.

Stream “Breathe”:





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