ALEPH Controls The Airwaves With “POLYMER”

Despite writing and creating music for the last 12 years of his life, Burlington-based Kai Maynard AKA ALEPH officially entered the music industry landscape in 2016. His ascent to popularity began with a viral track fresh out of university. His current catalog, however, is a formless series of sounds that can’t quite be categorized.

Back in 2021 with the off-kilter sounds of the future, EGO DEATH is a record rooted in the free-flowing nature of pure, untouched sound. Released via Renraku, a celebrated record label that has consistently moved the needle for rising artists, the lead single to the 12-track LP “POLYMER” maps a progressive, geometric blueprint for what’s soon to come.

I’ve abandoned genre and template long ago and will always strive to write music not bound by tradition, culture, or structure. I have an infinite canvas of sound to paint with, I just want to see how far I can take it.” – ALEPH





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