Alessandro Costa Flexes His Prowess In House-Pop Release ‘Dark Master’

“Dark Master,” follows 2 past singles and 2 music videos released by Alessandro Costa. His debut 4-track EP – gradually being revealed single by single – envelopes house/deep house/pop to showcase the scope and temperament Costa is all about with this new-revealed collection here. With a clear-cut goal of juicing up the experience of what he puts out, the solo DJ/producer has amassed hundred of thousands of plays all through an independent, self-released framework and shows no sign of slowing down.

“Dark Master,” is essentially the most raw and and experimental of the bunch, off the EP thus far. The vibe is clean and simple as synths bounce on the upbeat and a deep house melody makes up the centerpiece of what’s attention grabbing. Between “Just Be Free,” “This Is How I Live,” and now this single, Alessandro Costa gives an all-encompassing view of what he is dishing out to the music scene.

Costa is set to release the final single from the EP in coming weeks.




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