ASW Brings Light To Mental Health Issues In ‘A Garden Overrun’ & Upcoming EP

Transitioning to solo work since working as a co-member of the duo known as Ari, Alex Wagner is focusing on solo work under the alias ASW. The cheery and chill, “A Garden Overrun,” is out now and acts as a teaser to the upcoming Dahlia EP, signed to Popgang Records. Boasting a house framework to features a plethora of influential genres all in one track, ASW is showing promising vibes and certainly is building anticipation toward the upcoming EP in all the right ways. Psychedelia, progressive house, and alt-rock all make an appearance in the single, signaling not only the capabilities of what Alex Wagner is able to mesh all in one track, but the level of dynamism to be expected in Dahlia.

ASW takes things beyond the smooth sonic energy of his music. Having mental health issues himself and diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2013 after a week in a mental health center, he’s recovered admirably and is now using the experience to spread the love of healing like few spend the time to do. Crisis Text Line (CTL), as the name alludes to, is an open line of communication allowing those struggling with mental health issues to easily and swiftly communicate with someone to help you get the dark period. Alex Wagner has volunteered over 200 hours with the organization and therefore has helped dozens, if not hundreds, get through some of their toughest moments through a meaningful human connection.

Taking things a step further, ASW has launched, The Dahlia Experience, a livestream music experience raising money and garnering attention toward Crisis Text Line. Broadcasting on Popgang Records’ Twitch channel and already raising $2,500 through the efforts put forth via this idea, more livestream dates are set to be announced.

The chill vibes of “A Garden Overrun,” can be heard now, the EP is out in August, plus look out for more updates around The Dahlia Experience and how to learn to be apart of something making a difference one person-to-person relationship at a time.




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