ALIGN’s Debut Album “Endless Summer” is a Luminous Triumph: A Review

ALIGN’s debut album Endless Summer is a 10-track journey through the Chicago-based producer’s emotive soundscapes. Filled with lush, light-hearted sounds that will make your heart flutter, Endless Summer is a tour through sound and space, showcasing ALIGN’s unique brand of thought-provoking and introspective indie-electronic music. The album is a triumph of immaculate production and lush instrumentation, encompassing all of the world’s come-to-know of ALIGN’s diverse stylings.

From the captivating opening track “Endless Summer” to the closing number “Away,” the LP captures the essence of summer, offering up magical, energizing, and transcendent soundscapes that are perfect for summer weekend playlists. The album’s most recent single, “I Lost My Way,” has already been placed in Spotify Editorial Coffee Club, while “Manifest” featuring Novet and “Distant” with Blookah featuring Alyx Rush have been picked up for Hulu TV show placements.

What makes Endless Summer so captivating is ALIGN’s ability to weave an emotional tale through hypnotizing, upbeat soundscapes. Each track is imbued with a sense of nostalgia and wonder, as ALIGN takes listeners on a journey through his life experiences and creative growth. It’s an album that demands repeated listens, as each track reveals something new with each play.

Overall, Endless Summer is a luminous triumph, an amalgamation of emotions as experienced by ALIGN himself. It’s a testament to his incredible talent as a producer and a sign of great things to come from this rising star in the indie-electronic music scene. If you’re looking for a soundtrack to your summer, look no further than Endless Summer by ALIGN.

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