Alison Wonderland Drops Latest Album ‘Loner’

Her follow up to 2018’s Awake, Alison Wonderland’s Loner is out now. Lonercaptures the triple threat producer-singer-songwriter at her best; an exhilarating juxtaposition of lyrics and sound, it’s as bright as it is brash.

It isn’t just Alison on the album, the talent behind the scenes is overflowing. From MEMBA to Said The Sky, some of the best producers and writers in the electronic scene come together to guide Wonderland to the result that is Loner.

Throughout her career, Alison has been a courageous advocate for mental health discussions and honest about her own struggles with depression. Staying true to her message with Loner, she writes with a captivating new assuredness in the light that comes after the storm.

“It’s the most positive, hopeful album I have ever written,” she says. “It acknowledges the darkness but creates its own euphoria through it.”

Photo by Simply G





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