Alison Wonderland Drops New Whyte Fang Track ‘333’

Alison Wonderland returns to the world of Whyte Fang, an alias that began back in 2011. The latest single is ‘333’, a dark and twisted blend of electronic and trap. The track has a much darker feel to that of Wonderland.

The second single ‘333’ preludes the first Whyte Fang headline show on September 21 at the Roxy in LA, which sold out in one day. The first ever Whyte Fang live show occurred as a secret headliner for a Brownies and Lemonade event at LA’s State Historic park in late 2022.

Alexandra Sholler (better known as Alison Wonderland) has been creating more industrial electronica for years but hasn’t felt the time was right to release any of it until now. She says “I have decided to release this music separately to Alison Wonderland because I want these beats to live in their own primal world”.

The Whyte Fang project won’t be constrained to one single genre, paired with a dark electronic ambience, it gives a unique and fresh take on the current dance scene.




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