AmPm Highlight ADE With House-Embracing Track ‘Amsterdam’

The electronic scene just wouldn’t be the same with the annual event, ADE. Considering 2020 prevented it from happening, music fans from around the world were joyously joining in the fun, Oct 13, 2021 – Oct 17, 2021, as things were back in full swing for the conference which has been around since 1996.

Japanese duo took things a step further this year, releasing a house-based single titled “Amsterdam.” Paying tribute to the event series righteously, the track is uplifting and ambitious, matching the mood elements many feel when they fly in to the festivities every year.

“Amsterdam,” isn’t a one off in terms of the titling concept AmPm has done. Other quality tunes like, “Tokyo,” “New York City,” and “Jakarta,” represent other singles they have produced that embrace the same broad methodology.

AmPm have built a strong audience around the world, having played events like Ultra Miami, Ultra Korea, and Ultra Japan – as well as headling a concert in New York – their integral approach to their productions and keen sense of strategizing has paid off bigtime, their momentum only growing over time.

“Amsterdam,” is another positive notch in the belt of a sophisticated duo, check out more from them if you like what this offers.

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