Angel Cannon Release Epic & Immersive ‘Heaven Gen_1’ EP | CULTR

Angel Cannon Release Epic & Immersive ‘Heaven Gen_1’ EP

Few electronic music pieces sweep up the listener with a fast-paced sense of pure joy. The arrangement, production, mixing/mastering falling into harmony with the themes and message within. Heaven Gen_1 EP is one of those journeys, a vibe that goes well beyond what you’d expect from a rising artist – showcasing many exception singles featuring a variety of genre influences, all while each track having it’s own light and draw to it.

Heaven Gen_1 EP makes a positive impression on those who take the time, the 5 tracks flowing beautifully from one sound to the next. There’s never a dull moment here and that only comes from painstaking attention to detail and ensuring every parameter of the experience is just right. The EP features collaboration partners Deadcrow and Dyzphoria as well.

The EP got picked up by Records, an imprint which focuses on the wave genre, but certainly doesn’t limit itself to only this facet of the electronic music spectrum.

This isn’t the last time we will hear from this artist. With a sound this right, there’s no slowing him down.