ANIMÁL Breaks Barriers With Debut Album Release “Flight”

Nestled in the heart of New York City comes electro-rock duo ANIMÁL. A fusion of synth rock and indie electronic, Jack Murphy and Brady Perrigo champion a new age of dance music. Their first ever singles as a duo “Let Me Down” and “A Place In The Sun” put them on the map as revolutionaries of sound. These cornerstone singles are the pillars that bolster their debut album Flight. Co-produced by pluko, ANIMÁL’s 12-track album is an intoxicating introduction to the project. Although music fans across the world are only just now immersing themselves in the ANIMÁL experience, Jack and Brady have been in sync since their teenage years in Wisconsin. Honing in on years of collaboration, Flight is the genesis of greatness for the Brooklyn tandem. A reflection of their virtuosity, this LP pierces through the mainstream EDM sound with stark electric guitar riffs and dangerous synth work. Layered with impressive sound-design and brave soundscapes, these musical chemists leave nothing behind on their debut. Luminous and genuine, their ability to turn the dancefloor into an organic ocean of raw instrumentation is majestic. Lose yourself in the cosmic resonance of Flight.





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