ANIMÁL Solidifies Their Rise to Stardom with “A Place In The Sun”

An evolutionary single from live-electronic duo ANIMÁL, “A Place In The Sun” is the NYC-based tandem’s second release from their impending album Flight. Enlisting the help of celebrated-producer pluko for co-production and mixing, the 12-track album is expected to break ground Friday, June 12. Collaborators and friends since high school, ANIMÁL is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalists Brady Perrigo and Jack Murphy. A blend of two intellectual talents, the ANIMÁL project is rooted in the art of live instrumentation. Exploring EDM through the lens of alternative-rock, “A Place In The Sun” is the love child of classic instruments and contemporary dance music. Perrigo and Murphy stand out from the mainstream EDM atmosphere by recording and synthesizing each note heard on the track, as well as the entire Flight album. While most producers hone in on a single sound to call their own, ANIMÁL’s catalog is anticipated to spread its wings and soar in adventurous directions. “A Place In The Sun” is an orchestral paragon that radiates out of speaker systems in a way that feels much more formidable than the minds of only two musicians. Including “A Place In The Sun” and “Let Me Down” ANIMÁL’S  debut album Flight will be available for streaming and purchase this June. 

“This is the last track off our upcoming album Flight. We wrote it with the intention of it closing out the record – it builds a sort of energy and emotion that just kind of fit the project.  It also represents a turning point for us from a songwriting perspective.  When we heard it for the first time the project made a lot more sense and provided a solid bookend for us to work with. It combines the electronic, orchestral and rock influences that are scattered throughout the rest of our music. It’s a bit of an odd song to release on its own without the context of the entire album, but we just like the track so thought why not?” – ANIMÁL






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