Anna Lunoe Impresses With Banger Filled EP

Anna Lunoe has just released her brand new 4 track EP ‘Right Party‘, it includes already released tracks such as ‘303‘ (co-produced with Chris Lake) as well as ‘What You Need‘ with Wuki. Two brand new productions in ‘Right Party‘ and ‘Creep‘ feature on the EP.

Overall the EP is a banging house release that gets you moving, each production features unique elements that set themselves apart form the others. It packs a perfect punch for summer 2019!


Both new tracks feature vocal chops from Anna herself, and while the title track has a high energy, bouncing bassline, ‘Creep’ is a darker dancefloor track.

In addition to her festival omni presence, Anna has proven herself curator and tastemaker worth following. She hosts Apple Music’s Beats 1 Dance Chart show and Red Bull’s new Twitch series Remix Lab, where she opens up studio sessions to create new remixes from scratch while interacting with a live audience on Twitch via chat.

Anna Lunoe is now leading fans to the Right Party with the release of her new EP,  out now on Sweat It Out and Mad Decent.





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