Antdot debuts on #2 DJ MAG Top 100 Clubs Green Valley

The progressive house producer Antdot, most frequently known as “The Future of Brazilian Melodic House”, has taken the scene by storm with his incredible talent and amazing skill to create unforgettable scenes on the dancefloor.

Antdot has already signed releases with renowned labels such as Sony Music, Braslive Records, Só Track Boa Records, and Loulou Records and had his songs played by great artists such as Hardwell, Vintage Culture, Cat Dealers, Dash Berlin, Illusionize, Loulou Players, Kolombo, Bruno Be, Dashdot, Croatia Squad and other names on the national and international scene. This kind of support shows that Antdot is certainly on the way to becoming one of the biggest acts Brazil has to offer to the world.

“When I created Antdot I was just following my gut feeling and making songs I truly liked. I never thought that I would get this far. I think the fact that I found a sound design that I really loved and believed in, and then focused on it 100%, helped me a lot to build everything I’m living now. Things didn’t happen overnight, but I never thought about giving up, I don’t have a ‘plan B’. Over time, I managed to find my signature sounds and started working with people who believe in my work. I am very grateful to have a team and fans that support me every day, it motivates me even more to go forward.” – Bruno Gustavo, Antdot

Green Vally was destroyed by a hurricane that hit Santa Catarina two years ago and, the club had to be rebuilt from the ground up, creating real commotion in the EDM scene as artists helped with donations the reconstruction of the legendary, multiple times DJ MAG Top 100 Clubs winner club. And it is in this atmosphere of renewal, innovation, and hope that Antdot made his remarkable debut.

Alongside MECA, KVSH, Illusionize, and Bruno Martini in a magical night, Antdot stood out with all his talent and dynamism and delivered a remarkable performance on one of the most acclaimed and disputed stages in the world.

The feedback was so positive, that we invited one of Green Valley’s partners to testify about Antdot’s performance:

“Historically, Green Valley has always played an important role in the artists’ careers. As a renowned club with great representation on the world stage, we have always been concerned with providing opportunities for new talents, and it is gratifying to see this artist grow and know that somehow we were able to contribute to his success. Antdot is an excellent example of this relationship between the club and an artist on the rise. He stood out with his productions, had the opportunity to play, grabbed it with all his will, did an excellent job, was applauded by the public, and will certainly have new opportunities not only in Green Valley but in other renowned clubs. Antdot is without a doubt an artist to keep an eye on. Long live!” – Juliano Jacomino (Juba), Artistic Director of Group GV

We also asked Antdot what this major milestone meant to him, and how much it impacted his career:

“A few years ago I had the opportunity to visit Green Valley with some friends, we stayed all night on the dance floor and it was an incredible experience! I had just started Antdot, and since then I always imagined myself going up on that stage. The club is surreal, you can see in people’s faces the happiness of being in that place! And well, here we are, years later playing on the stage of the number one club in the whole world. I don’t have much to say, this night will be marked forever in my career!” – Bruno Gustavo, Antdot




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