Anthony Sceam and New Northern ready to break the speakers with new track: “Brask”

California based producer Anthony Sceam and Denmark duo New Northern are the definition of a rising stars, now back and in full swing with their powerful new track “Brask” which packs a solid punch. Packed with all the raw energy one hopes for in a track, this is one to share with your raver friends!

The new single showcases stellar production. The Heavy Bass track brings a dark and brooding energy to the Bass genre. Through frantic risers, a thumpy baseline and cacophonic filth, “Brask” draws you in through with a heavy drop, fuelled by a grating synth bass that cuts through the mix.

A thunderous, heavy spectacle, the power collab “Brask” not only solidifies Anthony Sceam’s and New Northern’s prowess as producers, but is sure to be a festival and club favorite this year!




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