Anushka Jag Begins Her Music Career With Tropical Pop Tune “Rebirth”

Anushka Jag, and LA-based singer originally from India has released her debut single “Rebirth”. The song features empowering lyrics of self-love and healing:  “Rebirth… I want to be one with the universe”, Jag sings.  The incredible vocal performance on “Rebirth” is supported by feel-good tropical-pop production, creating a great mood for summer listening.

Once a Mumbai TV news reporter, Anushka Jag has made the risky career change to a singer, relying solely on her natural talent and hard work to guide her. It’s a gamble that seems to have paid off already, with the successful release of her debut single “Rebirth”.  While targeted at the American pop market, “Rebirth” has a clear Indian influence, staying true to Anushka Jag’s artistic roots. In addition to “Rebirth”, Anushka Jag has created many more songs since moving to Los Angeles, working with top-tier producers and songwriters like Duddy Brown Danni Poppitt on her upcoming releases.  “Rebirth” is just the first of many exciting releases to come from Anishka Jag in the coming months and years. She’s definitely one for music fans to keep their eye on in the future.

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