Apashe Announces Album With Majestic New Single “Distance”

Apashe returns with the first single of his upcoming album with ‘Distance’ featuring Geoffroy. Arriving via Kanniblen Records, the producer looks to usher in a new phase of his career that should elevate his status in the industry.

‘Distance’ presents a metronomic beat that slowly cascades into an impressive set of layered instruments. Becoming known for his ability to seamlessly incorporate classical instruments with electronic elements, this single further showcases his talent with the producer having recorded a real orchestra. The cinematic ‘Distance’ sees Apashe lend an intriguing set of epic compositions that complement smooth and effortless vocals from Geoffroy while pulling inspiration from a number of genres spanning from R&B, to classical to electronic music.

‘This song came to life at my friend Gab Gagnon’s studio called Homy. We’ve wanted to make music together for ages. We messed around for a day then suddenly got these chords that really hooked us. Later on, I sent him a track using these chords and we instantly felt the potential. I figured it would be sick to have it played by the orchestra in Prague that was planned for my album. From there, it became this strange classical hybrid song. Gab thought Geoffroy would be a great fit and I couldn’t agree more. Took some time to make it happen in between tours but we finally made it and considering the love we felt for the song we decided to make it the first single.”

– Apashe





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