Apple Add New Apps For Podcasts And TV, Launch Re-Designed Music App

Yesterday the news broke that after 18 years Apple was closing down the iconic iTunes store the way we knew it, ending downloads for good but paving way for a new way to interact with music and entertainment on the worlds most popular device and of course pushing Apple Music to compete with Spotify.

At WDDC they’ve revealed a whole new interface experience for synching your phone and two new Apps that were previously part of all in one iTunes. The all new music app is focused around keeping you in tune with the beat. Save your favourite playlists, browse the radio and search all the music without the clutter.

With Podcasts ever-growing popularity we also introduced to their very own dedicated app, a brand new interface which has machine learning to help you find even the most random episode you heard about. The stand alone app reflects what has been the norm for the iPhone for sometime but this signals a bright future Podcasts within the apple eco-system including genre feeds to help you keep up with the latest episodes and discover new shows that might peak your interest.





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