Apple To Open Floating Apple Store On Site Of Former Nightclub

Apple will be opening a new store near the Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore, the company said this week, its third retail store in the country. 

The new outlet will be the first Apple store in the world that sits on water. It has been designed by Foster + Partners, the London-based architects founded by Norman Foster. There’s no an official opening date for Apple Marina Bay Sands just yet, but the store is expected to open soon.

It will be housed in a sphere floating on Marina Bay, taking over the space previously occupied by Avalon nightclub from 2011 to 2016.

“We will soon open the doors to our new store by the Bay,” Apple said in a teaser on its website.

“Apple Marina Bay Sands will be at the heart of creativity, a place we’ve made for you to capture your ideas and passions.

“It will be a space for you to explore, connect and create something new.”

This is going to be Apple‘s third store in Southeast Asia’s island city state, but it’s far from the first Apple store to feature a creative design or attention-drawing location. In September 2011, Apple opened a two-story store in Hong Kong‘s premiere shopping district that features a glass spiral staircase, while in October 2017 they unveiled a new store along the Chicago River, a popular tourist destination in the Windy City.




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