Apple WDDC IOS13 Updates Include New Airpods Capabilities, Audio Sharing, Radio, New Photo’s & More

Apple has announced a heap of new products at WDDC for the iPhone, Mac Pro, iTunes, Podcasts and more. Among them IOS13 is set to take the experience of the iPhone to a whole new level. Apple revealed small modifications such as faster Face ID, Swipe Typing called Quick Path and a new Apple Login option to stop you having to use Social profiles across the web which will help keep you anonymous. The presentation also included Memoji’s and updates to Airpods such as announcing messages and instant voice replying which will make your experience using the Apple suite all the more pleasant when interacting with these daily core interfaces. They’ve also included a brand new dark mode to match the Mac App which will make reading in bed or at night easier. IOS13 also introduces software changes to the organisation of Photos and a dedicated App to save all your custom shortcuts and preferences. Scroll below to catch some of the highlights and keep an eye out for the release of the Beta in July if you’re daring enough, otherwise you can wait out till mid September for it’s general release alongside new iPhone updates.

Dark Mode Comes To iPhone

Screenshot 2019-06-03 18.45.21.png

Customised Emoji’s & Memoji Stickers
Arming itself with it’s own built in service, Apple introduces a fully integrated editor that works with most apps and any device with an A9 chip or later.

Screenshot 2019-06-03 18.47.13.png

New Portrait and & Video Editing Modes and Effects.
From rotating video, and adding similar filters to make your colours pop. A new organisation system to help you find your favourite photo’s and videos.

Screenshot 2019-06-03 18.53.37.png
Screenshot 2019-06-03 18.51.19.png

Audio Sharing
Share your favourite Apple Content and Music with your friends seamlessly so you can both listen or watch together.

Screenshot 2019-06-03 19.06.26.png

New Radio app
You can now connect to over 1000 stations from around the globe live right from your phone.

Screenshot 2019-06-03 18.58.48.png
Screenshot 2019-06-03 18.58.39.png

Introduce a brand new Shortcuts app to set up all your favourite tools, order and apps.

Screenshot 2019-06-03 19.01.06.png

Siri and air-pods will now work to announce your messages to you while on the go or when your hands are busy cooking, cleaning or running. You’ll be able to reply without saying “Hey Siri”.

Screenshot 2019-06-03 18.57.02.png




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