ARI Tackles Paranoia With New Single “Oh Well”

It’s rather bone chilling when you figure out the music at surface level goes beyond what you may think or know. Music is used an expression of oneself and Toronto-native ARI does it to a personal scale that it’s impossible to ignore. With intentions of captivating her listeners, you will find yourself seamlessly connecting with ARI at will.

Sticking to her brand of authenticity, ARI makes her presence felt with addicting new single “Oh Well,” in anticipation of her debut EP. Allowing her followers to see another side of her, ARI utilizes music to tell her stories. Looking ahead to a debut EP out this summer, you can find the rising pop-star climb the ranks and making her voice heard.

“Oh well is about a dream I had one night. I woke up in a strange place surrounded by people to find my voice had been forcefully ripped away. There was nothing I could say or do to get people to notice me. After panicking, I became numb to the feeling all at once. This song plays on my ability to constantly feel as if there’s nothing I can say or do that’s right. “Is it all a waste of my time, is it all made up in my mind” speaks to that paranoid feeling that maybe is my own doing but I can’t get away from and since it’s such a recurring instance its become almost an unwelcome friend” – ARI





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