Ariana Grande Teams Up With Social House On Chill Pop Single “Boyfriend”

Ariana Grande is quite possibly the biggest artist in the world, and with the release of her highly anticipated single “Boyfriend” with pop-duo Social House, she lives up to the hype. Staying true to her funky R&B style, Grande and Social House explore all the frustrating complications of labels in relationships: “you ain’t my boyfriend, and I ain’t your girlfriend, but you don’t want me to see nobody else” Arianna Grande sings.

Released in early August, the song is moving quickly, with the music video accumulating a whopping forty-two million views already. By releasing “Boyfriend,” Grande gives lesser known duo Social House a chance at the spotlight. The LA based duo, originally from Pittsburgh, consists of Michael Foster and Charles Anderson. The two are preparing to release their debut EP later this month. Known hitmaker Arianna Grande and rising stars Social House deliver with groovy R&B pop track “Boyfriend.”

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