Armada Releases 26 Track ‘Armada Unites’ Album

Armada have released a stacked new album, inspired by the coronavirus lockdowns.

Following suit after the release of its individual chapters and various ‘Armada Unites’ livestreams on Twitch, the full ‘Armada Unites’ album rises to make a statement. Featuring no less than twenty-six grade A records across genres from the likes of Armin van Buuren, AVIRA, Dave Winnel, Maxim Lany, Pablo Nouvelle, ReOrder, Tensnake and ‘Armada Unites’ demo competition winner W1NK0, the album stands not only for unity, but also for kinship and perseverance. With the album, Armada Music hopes to inspire everyone to stand together and help each other get through the most trying of times, whether it’s the Corona virus or any other difficult situation we have yet to cross paths with.

Featuring a mix of new and already released music, the 1 hour 32 minute long album consists of a range of music that traverses the multifaceted label. With acoustic music, hard trance, deep house and more, this album will surely have something for everyone!

You can see the extensive tracklisting below.

  1. Tempo Giusto – Come With Me
  2. Dave Winnel – Milo
  3. Armin van Buuren & AVIAN GRAYS feat. Jordan Shaw – Something Real (Acoustic Version)
  4. Corderoy – Work It
  5. AVIRA – Phantom
  6. Damon Sharpe x Raven & Kreyn feat. Allé – Let’s Get Real
  7. Funkstar De Luxe – Sun Is Shining (Sean Finn Remix)
  8. Maxim Lany – Give It To Me
  9. PBH & Jack – Dolomite
  10. W1NK0 – Only You
  11. Pablo Nouvelle feat. Sam Brookes – Show Me
  12. Tensnake – Simpansi
  13. Clément Leroux – Sunday
  14. Felon – Feel This
  15. Lost Frequencies & Netsky – Here With You (Stereoclip 2020 Remix)
  16. Da Hool feat. Julia DeTomaso – Dancing In The Rain (TMW Remix)
  17. Laurent Wolf feat. Eric Carter – No Stress (Rivas (BR) Remix)
  18. ReOrder – Shine
  19. Greg Dela – Money On My Mind
  20. Kye Sones & Dave Replay – House Of Cards
  21. Mark Sixma feat. Eline Esmee – Paint The Sky (Club Mix)
  22. Weekend Players – Into The Sun (Maor Levi Remix)
  23. Rob Black – Dance Like Unicorns
  24. Cornelius SA feat. Ole – Faith
  25. Teddy Beats feat. Mon Rovîa – On My Way
  26. Three ‘N One presents Johnny shaker – Pearl River (Karney Remix)




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