Armin van Buuren Unleashes UNTOLD 2019 Anthem ‘Something New’

Armin van Buuren has teamed up with mysterious and at this point, unknown artist: Avian Grays. After what occured with the Dash Berlin situation, it has been revealed that one or both of the individuals behind that are now working on this ‘Avian Grays’ project. ‘Something Real’ happens to be both Avian Grays as well as vocalist Jordan Shaws’s first official release, and what a way to break through.

The track is an excellent example of progresive trance with incredible energy with both the vocal and instrumental. The melody is incredible and you do here some similar elements to past Dash Berlin music. ‘Something Real’ was premiered at Armin van Buuren’s Ultra Music Festivalset back in March, later played at Electric Daisy Carnival and then just played post release at Ultra Europe in Croatia. 

With UNTOLD festival not long down the road; starting August 1st. This releases serves as the official anthem. Every UNTOLD live set of the world-renowned DJ thus far turned out to be an unbelievable spectacle, involving everything from scorching Trance tracks to tears of joy to playing a few hours extra simply because no one wanted the moment to end. Armin’s connection with UNTOLD is like no other.

Armin van Buuren will hit UNTOLD Festival 2019 with the longest mainstage live set ever on his own dedicated day: Armin UNTOLD day. He will be bringing all his own festivl production from the Netherland to Romanai and will feature many guests including Jordan Shaw who features on ‘Something Real’.

Armin van Buuren: “It’s no secret that UNTOLD Festival holds a special place in my heart, so when this opportunity arose, I jumped at the chance. It was an absolute honor to create the official anthem for this year’s edition of UNTOLD, and I’m really excited to play an extra-long live set on Armin UNTOLD day. It’s going to be magical for sure.”





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