Around The World With Eddy M: Melbourne, Rio De Janeiro & Santiago

With a residency in the world’s most in-demand club brand Elrow, Eddy M really is one of tech-house and techno’s top DJs to watch in 2020. Eddy’s musical journey began in the town of Messina in Sicily, Italy, where his love of rhythm and beats saw him play drums in bands since the tender age of twelve. Picking up music production, he would then entrench himself completely for his passion for the arts.

Eddy’s music has received support from some of the industry’s biggest hitters including; Solomun, Claude VonStroke, Matthias Tanzmann, Wally Lopez, Uto Karem, Kaiserdisco, Karotte. With a couple of releases scheduled for the year, 2020 is simply in arms grabs for the Italian native.

Recently releasing his new single “Catching Glory” on DIRTYBIRD Records, the song allows us to take a step back on Eddy’s incredible voyage as a producer. It is this connection that brings Eddy and his experiences to CULTR. We present, Eddy M’s Around The World.



Australia is magic. I went there for three weeks this year and toured around Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne. If you love animals and you’re looking for some peace or nature, it’s the perfect place. My favorite city was in Melbourne. I went skating at night and explored the whole city, and it was so cool. It is considered one of the street art capitals of the world, and I love graffiti. If you have time you must see the famous spot called “12 Apostles.” It’s not so far away from the city and it’s one of the best things I have ever seen in my life.

Rio De Janeiro


I love Brazil. Rio is amazing. Samba, carnival or incredible beaches. First of all, you must see “Pedra do Sal”—the birthplace of Samba, created by the slave community that once lived there. Live bands draw crowds of music lovers from near and far, especially for the free Monday and Friday night street parties. Cheap caipirinha stalls and colorful street art add to the carnival vibe. Of course, check the incredible “Christ the Redeemer” too.



Santiago is a mix of ancient tradition, European influence and beautiful wonders of the natural world. Rising high above the rest of the city is the glittering glass “Costanera Center” an epic skyscraper. For one of the best and the highest views in Latin America. Metropolitan Park is dope too, where cable cars will take visitors to the top of the San Cristobal Hill. Also featured in the park is a funicular, which dates back to 1925, a Zoo, Botanical Gardens, and a Religious Sanctuary. The parties are amazing also; the crowd never stops dancing. Santiago is just amazing.





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