Around The World with Kasbo: Rome, Seoul, Tulum & New York

Kasbo’s newest single ‘Show You’ is out today and to celebrate, Kasbo joins us for our Around The World feature. ‘Show You’ is the second single from his forthcoming album The Making of a Paracosm which is set to drop October 23rd.

The Swedish talent delves into a number of his favourite cities and the reason why they’ve become favourites. From Rome to Tulum, Kasbo takes you through some amazing places that we cannot wait to visit, when we can…



There’s something amazing about Italy. Amazing food. Amazing wine. But also the fact that the city is so old in its architecture. I love walking around cities and glancing at different buildings and Rome is so interesting to me because all the buildings have such a rich history and story. Not to mention the general atmosphere there, everyone always seems so relaxed and in a good mood haha.


South Korea

I only spent a couple of days here but it was so amazing. Seoul is so different from western countries, it sometimes felt like I was on another planet in the most incredible way. Everyone was super welcoming and we had great people showing us around the city. I want to go back as soon as the pandemic is over.



I was here for Odesza’s festival “Sundara” and we stayed in Tulum for about a week after the festival as well. It was the most incredible time. The best food I’ve had in my life, the most fun and friendly festival I’ve played. There’s so many fun and idyllic things to do there and it is probably my favorite spot I’ve ever been.

New York


New York will probably always be my favorite “big city”. It’s extremely cliche to say but there really is an energy in the city that you can feel right as you step off the plane. There’s something about the idea of the fact that there’s always something going on around you, regardless of the time of day or year. It sounds like a juxtaposition but the fact that there are so many people everywhere doing things constantly is really calming to me.

Listen to Kasbo’s brilliant new production ‘Show You’